Connect 4 - Plopp-Out

The rules of Connect 4


Each player receives game chips in a respective color. These are then thrown into the board alternately from above. The aim of the game is to position four of your own stones in a horizontal, vertical or diagonal row. Once you have done that, you win the game (as seen in the image below). It is therefore important to both advance your own success and thwart the opponent’s chances.


If the entire field is covered with stones, the game ends in a tie.

The additional mode „Plopp-Out“

If both players agree with this rule, the game can be extended by the mode „Plopp-Out“. This means that each player can decide before his move whether to throw in a new stone or to push out one of his stones in the bottom row. As a result, the stones above fall down and a completely new game situation is created. This mode requires a much higher concentration because the number of options is greatly increased.

This additional option also ensures that the game is not ended if there is a tie. The stones can then be popped out and thrown back in until a winner is found.


The plopp-out mode opens up new possibilities for customizing the game. For example, a Plopp-10 game can be played in which the players take turns throwing stones into the field until it is completely full and then trying to achieve a row of four using the Plopp-Out mode.

Game rules within the app

In the online mode of the app, a game rule is added that is unlikely to be known from reality. Each game is played by setting a number of game chips. The winner receives the chips offered by the loser. But be warned – this is where an additional rule comes into play. The chips you play around are by no means just a common currency like coins or gold. They are literally the chips you throw into the board while playing the game. Before each game, therefore, it is recorded how many game chips you have in your account and then one is deducted after each inserted chip. As soon as you run out of chips to play with, you automatically lose. The chips you throw in during a game will then be credited back to your account. It is therefore always important to pay attention how many game chips you have available for a game. If you have 21 or more game chips you can definitely play a complete game, because there are only 42 places to insert chips into the field. If you use the Plopp-Out function you also will be credited with one of your inserted chips, so you can insert it again.

If you ever suffer from game chip poverty, don’t worry, you get either chips or points every day when you log in for the first time. You can also watch a free video to gain 20 game chips two times a day.

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