The background story of the Life Points Calculator

The primary school – everyone remembers these hard times. The place where you really had to fight to survive. But why were these times so hard? It’s because we always had treasures with us – Yu-Gi-Oh-cards! The only real commitment we had to make was protecting these cards with our lives. In this time I also started playing the shadow game and there has always been one thing that bothered me: keeping track of these god damn life points. Being 8 years old at the time, this was a very hard task for me to do. So I have thought of ways to achieve this automatically like in the tv series.

Years later, when I studied electrical engineering, I learned how to program with Java. Strangely enough the first thing I thought of was programming a life points calculator to extend on my childhood dream with my new skills. So I did it and it was… veeery „simple“. The program just displayed two numbers (the life points) and had two fields for input (player number and life point change). Well, luckily I didn’t stop developing the program and later on it looked much better. It was no longer placed in the console but for instance had a newly designed Graphical User Interface (GUI). Finally I had a base from what I could build up something bigger. So I integrated player names and pictures for each deck. It was already a really nice software, when I had the mindblowing idea: statistics for each player! The life points calculator should save the data of every player and collect it in different ways to display the duel statistics.

It worked out just fine, but there still was a big problem. The life points calculator wasn’t programmed to run on mobile devices, so I had to transport my computer everywhere I wanted to play Yu-Gi-Oh. So that’s the story of my app came to life and now YOU can enjoy it too!

How to use the Duel-Desk

After starting the app you enter the main menu. There you have five buttons, two of which lead you to this website, as well as my facebook page. The other ones are for shadowy duels. As the name says on „DUEL“ you can start a duel with two or four players. Analogical the „STATISTICS“ button leads you into the paradise of graphs and tables and the „PLAYERS“ button lets you customize the registrated players with their own pictures.


Time to duel!

On this screen you can choose whether you like to play a duel with two players, by tabbing on the „2 PLAYERS“ button, or four players by using the „TAG TEAM“ button. Whatever you choose the button leads you to the next screen where the life points are computed. At the top of the screen there are four pictures, later these will be the „profile pictures“ of the players. In the middle of the screen you can see some text fields with the life points of player one and three and player two and four. In the third text field you can enter the change of the life points. At the bottom there is a little keyboard to write the numbers into the life point change field.

To get started simply write the player names into the text fields within the pictures at the top. After that, start the duel by clicking on „START“. Now you can use the keyboard to enter the values. By clicking on „+“ you confirm the written life point change value and add it to the life points of the chosen player. To choose a player or two players (in tag team) you just click on the life points or the picture of the player and then a blue background is added to the players life points. By clicking on „-“ you subtract the value from the chosen life points. The button „QUIT“ enables the possibility of stopping a duel before it ends. If you quit a duel the data won’t be saved to the statistics, so be careful! When a player or a team have zero or less life points the duel ends, the data is then saved and can be shown in the statistics section. After that the text fields for the player names are enabled again and you can either start a new duel with new names or the existing names via the „START“ button. Additionally the button „COIN“ lets you simulate a coin toss and the button „DICE“ simulates a dice roll.

customize your player profile

After fighting your first duel the participants are added to the list of registrated players and the other two main menu buttons are now enabled. If you click on the button „PLAYERS“ you enter the screen for changing the players‘ profile pictures. At first you have to choose a player through the drop down menu. Afterwards click on the picture above and you will be presented with multiple options to implement a picture. Either way after choosing or taking a picture you have to crop it. Notice that it might be useful to crop the picture in the form of a square, this way it doesn’t have to be scaled and looks better. Finally click on the „SAVE“ button and the picture will be saved as the profile picture for that player. In future duels the chosen picture will be displayed whenever the player enters a duel.

Analysis of the duels

On the „STATISTICS“ screen the real magic begins. At first you have to choose a player that you want to analyze. Afterwards tab on the „CREATE“ button. You are now guided to the statistics area. There are three tabs that you can choose from. The first is the PERFORMANCE overview, where you can see the total amount of victories and defeats of the player, as well as the amount of victories and defeats in different modes. The tab INDIVIDUAL STATS displays this context in a graphical design. Here you can also see how the player developed over time, because for every duel on the x-axis there is the percentage of won duels until this point. The last tab ALL STATS displays the total victories and defeats of every player so you can compare a players winrate to others.

Now it’s up to you to be the next big star like Kaiba or Pegasus! Claim victory in tons of duels and use this app to show how good you really are!

Let’s duel it out!

Need some new cards to use the Duel-Desk?

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